62 solving equation

by sdanot

64 Converting to nemeth

by roewermom

65 atan2 function

by benice

66 Graphs

by aleczandru

67 Release candidate for Graph 4.4

by Ivan Johansen

68 Closed: Mac

by Balthazar

69 Closed: Strange Bug in Graph

by James

70 Closed: Differentiating mod()

by James

71 Closed: Multiple Axes

by James

72 Closed: Feature Suggestion

by James

73 Closed: Graphing Real Number Lines

by ArcherSam

74 Closed: .grf file format

by JMGrape

75 Closed: Graphing Inequalties

by ArcherSam

76 Closed: tangent in nbd of critical points

by odgreat

77 Closed: pzthon 3.2 incompatibility

by MRA

79 Closed: Brazilian Portuguese translation

by Aldemar

80 Closed: Swedish translation

by mbipsen

81 Closed: Saving more settings

by pimvdb

82 Closed: Set 1:1-zoom as standard

by Krodo

84 Closed: More Calculate windows?

by pin

85 Closed: keyboard shortcuts

by kamashtakeen

87 Closed: Optional "Recent files" number

by pin

88 Closed: excel compatible in 4.4

by superzip

89 Closed: group feature

by superzip

90 Closed: Graph 4.4 problem

by basket687