61 Graph on Linux

by RobertLM78

62 Strange lines

by James

64 solving equation

by sdanot

66 Converting to nemeth

by roewermom

67 atan2 function

by benice

68 Graphs

by aleczandru

69 Release candidate for Graph 4.4

by Ivan Johansen

70 Closed: Mac

by Balthazar

71 Closed: Strange Bug in Graph

by James

72 Closed: Differentiating mod()

by James

73 Closed: Multiple Axes

by James

74 Closed: Feature Suggestion

by James

75 Closed: Graphing Real Number Lines

by ArcherSam

76 Closed: .grf file format

by JMGrape

77 Closed: Graphing Inequalties

by ArcherSam

78 Closed: tangent in nbd of critical points

by odgreat

79 Closed: pzthon 3.2 incompatibility

by MRA

81 Closed: Brazilian Portuguese translation

by Aldemar

82 Closed: Swedish translation

by mbipsen

83 Closed: Saving more settings

by pimvdb

84 Closed: Set 1:1-zoom as standard

by Krodo

86 Closed: More Calculate windows?

by pin

87 Closed: keyboard shortcuts

by kamashtakeen

89 Closed: Optional "Recent files" number

by pin

90 Closed: excel compatible in 4.4

by superzip