61 Small bugs

by GraphUser3546

62 Suggestions

by isoparix

63 Vectors and Calculus

by wec7ong

65 Graph for Mac

by mjs

66 suggestions

by .rhavin

68 tredline

by jjgltzr

69 Bode Plots/Custom Axis

by shredder05

70 Graph 4.5 Beta - Display bugs

by GraphUser3546

71 labeling xy graphs

by beppe14scatter

72 Prime counting function

by zubaroo

74 Axis display

by h0rnet

76 Graph and Latex

by imme

78 Graph on Linux

by RobertLM78

79 Strange lines

by James

81 solving equation

by sdanot

83 Converting to nemeth

by roewermom

84 atan2 function

by benice

85 Graphs

by aleczandru

86 Release candidate for Graph 4.4

by Ivan Johansen

87 Closed: Mac

by Balthazar

88 Closed: Strange Bug in Graph

by James

89 Closed: Differentiating mod()

by James

90 Closed: Multiple Axes

by James