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Topic: Bode Plots/Custom Axis

Hi I have a suggestion for graph:

I've noticed it's easy to make a log-log plot, linear-log plot, and it's also easy to make axises show multiples of Pi instead of the normal values.

I thought of this while trying to do bode plots: what if there was a way to have complete control over the scale of an axis? Plotting a logarithm of an axis just means to space the intervals between numbers such that taking the log_10 of them results in a standard linear plot.

What if that was expanded to allow the user to do this with any function, and not just logarithm? I say this because the y-axis of a bode plot is actually 20*log(y) instead of log(y). Allowing the user to have control over the spacing would resolve the bode plot issue (which is actually more of a convenience thing) AND any future scaling issues which may come up.

TLDR Have an option to define a function that sets the spacing for an axis, instead of just checking or unchecking "log scale" in the axis menu"



Re: Bode Plots/Custom Axis

I will consider adding this. However it should not make any difference for your bode plot. There difference between log(y) and 20log(y) is just a matter of zooming out, so a logarithmic axis should work just fine.