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Hello Ivan,

Thanks for your great program.

Is it possible to have both axis display crossed and boxed ?

I mean when the crossing value is in the window, axis are displayed at this value and when the crossing value is out of range, set automatically the axis display to boxed.
Thus we'll always see the axis.

I hope you understood what I meant.



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If I understand you correctly, you want the axes to be crossed when they are inside the graphing area but boxed when one of the axes is outside the graphing area. This is not currently possible, but I will consider it.

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That's exactly what I want and noticed that wasn't possible today...

I bypassed it my own way with insertion of function f(x)=0 and relation x =0 at least to see the axis even if there's no numbers on it. But it would be great to have the real axis wink

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So why do you not just change the axes to boxed yourself?

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I did it but then, I can't see the axis crossed when they're in the graphing area...

I'd like to see the axis to 'locate' my function.

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Here's an example of my 'substitution' to have both axis crossed and boxed... but there's no graduation.

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I see. I will consider adding something like in your example.

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Hi Ivan,

I wish you a happy new year !!

I found a website which does nearly the same as Graph but not so powerfully... (maybe you already know it).

The way it displays the value on the screen borders when you move the graph area and make the axis disappear is nice...

May be you could be inspired wink