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Are there any plans for including some bar-line support for data plots?

I tested the Graph tool for plotting some ping data. And although the point to point line works ok in general. I think it would be nice to be able to set the view for the data set to something that would not draw a point-to-point lines. But a single line from the source points strait down/up to x=0 (or some other center point/line)

Included a screenshot showing the general problem with data with a lot of high and low point (in this case a game with a internal lag problem).

Is this perhaps something that might be possible with a python plugin? (did take a quick look at the plugin help, but most is a little over my head.)

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Re: Bar type lines (data plot)

No, there are no plans for support of bar data plots. Graph was designed to plot functions. Currently it is not possible with the Python plugin interface either, though that might change in the future.

You are probably better off using another tool, like a spreadsheet.

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Re: Bar type lines (data plot)

Aha, ok.

Unfortunately most spreadsheets graphs plotting don't act very well when feeding it 20k of data lines. Nor are they so easy with adjusting the graph-view.

Will look around some more.