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Topic: Small bugs


I've been experiencing two bugs with point series.

First one that I have seen for quite a while, but I didn't bother telling. To reproduce the bug:

-Create a point series with like few points (more than 0 points), whatever their value. Close the series to allow undos.
-Reopen the series (Edit)
-Using the "arrow" cursor that appears when you put your cursor close to the edge of the X-Y table, select the empty row at the bottom of the list. (that empty row Graph provides for one to add a new line)
-Right click on the row and select "Remove Row" in the menu that appears.

It deletes the last data point, even though you deleted an empty line. So whenever you select that empty row (along with other data as well) and remove it, it deletes one more data point than you expected. That is the bug. Minor, yes, but a bug still! It usually happens to me when I want to delete some data from one point to the end, I use Ctrl+Shift+End to select down to the bottom, selecting the dreaded last row.

Second bug is with the Evaluate function. I just noticed it today.

-Create a non-linear point series (goes up and down, changes slope, etc.)
-In the "Line" subsection in the "Edit" menu, select "1D cubic spline" for Interpolation. Accept and close the series.
-Press Ctrl+E to make the Evaluate function appear, and evaluate some positions between the points.

The Evaluate function still follows a "linear" interpolation, even though you selected a "1D cubic spline".


Re: Small bugs

1) It is clearly a bug that you can remove the last row in the point series dialog, though it seems to reappear as soon as you do something. It should be easy to fix.

2) It was actually intentional that it always evaluates linear between points, though I now realizes that it looks silly. I will try to make it take the interpolation setting into account when evaluating.

Re: Small bugs


Re: Small bugs

Greetings Ivan,

small related bug on build 564 :

Now if I delete data in a point series through a selection including the last empty row mentioned above, the data doesn't get deleted at all it seems. It looks deleted in the list, then you press ok and the datapoints don't disappear from the graph. When you return to edit the data, the "deleted" data is back from the dead wink