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Topic: Logarithmic scale & sub-sorting mode

Dear Ivan.
I tried to draw a plot on logarithmic scale (assume 10) and I want to show grid lines base on 1 (such below link)

http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/c … f_Line.GIF

but I could not adjust it. In the Axes setting, when I try to change the grid unit and tick unit to 1, it not work.
It seems by changing trick units, it change base of logarithm.
It seems to add an additional option to divide axes trick to desired number of grid (for example in x-Log-Axes on
the base of 3, could divide and show grid between 3&6 (4, 5   or 3.5 4 5.5 etc.)

Another suggestion, is about manage and show type of function list in the left hand side space:
It will be easy understood if any operation set below "mother Case"

For example assume you set some point series: S1 ; S2 ; S3
After that you right click on S1 and add trend line, the result function shows below S3. (the order of the sorted function is depending on time!) I think it will be better if trend line 1 show under S1, derivative of trend line 1 under the trend 1 and etc.
(I paint it in below)

Current method:   http://upload7.ir/images/67610023851035365102.png

My suggestion method:    http://upload7.ir/images/32949937163444181093.png

Note that by right clicking and choosing insert tangent line/normal, it will be placed under "Mother" function. but in other operation, it is not.

Best regards

Re: Logarithmic scale & sub-sorting mode

I am a little unsure what it is you want to do, but you usually want tick and grid units to be 10 for logarithmic axes or sometimes 100, 1000, 10000, etc.

I already have on my todo list to make trendlines bound to parent point series, the same way tangents are bound to parent functions. It is just a matter of finding the time to actually implement it. I hope I will get it done soon.

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Re: Logarithmic scale & sub-sorting mode

Yes; Thanks. I had a mistake in grid units for log (base10) and your guide helped me.

But I have another propose that can not explain clearly, so I attached a zip file that you can find additional graphic files.

A)If we want to show grids between 1,0 in smaller units (such as 0.5), there is no option to do this

B) Assume we have some points that follow on y=logb(x,4), if we set x-axes to logarithmic scale and set tick to 4, after that we select "show grids", the program will divide the x-axis between 0 & 4 to 9 parts! (that is not a rounded and perfect grids)

(It is better to divide every tick parts (such as: [1,4]; [4,16]; [16,64] to 3 or 6 or any normal and round parts and lets user to set the grid line manually)

for better imagination, I attach grf file that shows the last case and also an imaginary picture has made that show the better grid lines:


Re: Logarithmic scale & sub-sorting mode

It sounds like a good idea. I have added it to my todo list, but don't expect anything in the nearest future.

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Re: Logarithmic scale & sub-sorting mode

No, It's not an emergency case. Only when I use the graph, i find out it will be helpful.