3 Web-Based App

by amitnbharucha

6 Graph 4.5 Build 571 & MS Word

by marcorainaldi

7 Residual plot

by Jesper

8 Finding

by T.dimenz.7

11 Slope Field Request

by marcorainaldi

15 Support for linux

by leo_sk

17 update??

by bleee

18 publish on github?

by nap

20 Import needs fix

by Arghhhhhhhhh

22 Axis scale

by steel_mfg

23 Folders for sets of graphs

by q2apro.com

25 Where do i find "da sauce cod"?


26 Printer line widths

by isoparix

27 Display all/none

by GraphUser3546

28 Pen Stroke

by claiborne

30 How to make graphs smoother?

by q2apro.com