Topic: Zoom undo, saved views, split screens.

Hello Ivan,

Technically, one can save a view as a default in axes settings, but in reality this is too limited and often impractical for analysis work. Here's some ideas regarding zooming and viewing, which I think would be nice enhancements to an already great program:

1. Recall previous zoom level, or perhaps go back several zoom changes. Some clicks (eg. Zoom window, Zoom square, Zoom fit all) can radically change the zoom such that undoing that zoom takes much more work.

2. Save and recall views. This would aid with graphs that have certain areas of interest which cannot be viewed all at once in sufficient detail and need to be repeatedly inspected as parameters are adjusted.

3. Horizontal and vertical split views (like a spreadsheet). This feature would also enhance animations.

4. A comprehensive list of keyboard shortcuts in the help file. It appears only those which relate to menu items are there. Ctrl+arrow is only in FAQ and Ctrl+Shift+arrow seems to be undocumented.


Re: Zoom undo, saved views, split screens.

Thank you for the suggestions. I have added them to my todo list. I might create some of them as plugins.