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Topic: Feature Suggestions


Thanks again for this fine software. There are some suggestions for feature that will enhance the software:

1. The ability to control the drawing area dimensions and possibly resolution. Such that if you open a drawing that you made with different dimensions than the one you are currently editing, it will be stretched to fit the last used dimension settings.
2. Being able to modify line strokes spacing/length especially between points (from Insert Point Series window).
3. The ability to fine tune automatic point labels' location.
4. The ability to put arrows and control both ends.
5. [Bug?] When creating a new label, changing font parameters will not take effect, unless the "blank" is highlighted and the change is made.

Thank you very much for hearing me out smile.

P.S.: If suggestion #1 is easy to implement it would be great to have in the beta, as most of the graphs are now ruined.

Re: Feature Suggestions

1. Currently the drawing dimension will follow the size of the window. I assume you want the drawing to scale instead of just changing size when the window size changes. That will not be easy to implement, but I will give it some consideration.

2. Why do you want that? You can already choose between different kinds of dotted and dashed lines.

3. How exactly do you want to fine tune it?

4. You can do that for functions.

5. You are right. There seems to be a bug here. I will try to get it fixed.