121 Closed: Editing JPGs


122 Closed: My suggestions/wonderings

by teevee

123 Closed: Time axis

by fazekaszs

124 Closed: Animation

by joe

125 Closed: Graph to mac

by Gyntzel

126 Closed: I need something specific.

by BlakeHawkey

127 Closed: Two suggestions

by joe

128 Closed: Legend Box and labels

by JDD

130 Closed: chemical reaction visualization

by AnandChennai

131 Closed: Orglab8

by Dilek

132 Closed: Axis

by Dilek

134 Closed: New properties for axes

by Seavynej

135 Closed: Adding Comments to Graph Functions

by zubaroo

136 Closed: Multuthreading support

by basket687

137 Closed: Linux

by JemtA

138 Closed: Cobweb plots or Directed graphs?

by zubaroo

141 Closed: Can I create Stirling Number in Graph?

by MrSnakeHead

142 Closed: I need related gamma function

by MrSnakeHead

143 Closed: "Public" Custom functions

by pin

144 Closed: Four ideas that would help me.

by p71rock

145 Closed: 3 Suggestions

by Softwaretester

146 Closed: Axis labels

by Dilek

148 Closed: ACOT function is not calculated correctly

by sergiocasavecchia

149 Closed: compilation error

by Meher

150 Closed: save as image, configuration

by ratata