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First of all, I would love to see an integral calculator built in to this program, or at least i would like to know why there is no such.

Second I would like to know if it's possible for you to make the program treat the function in the attached .grf as a point series defined for integers of "t". By this I mean if it could automaticly give me a point series containing the points (x(1);y(1)), (x(2);y(2)), (x(3);y(3)), and so on from (in this case) 3 to 100.

In advance thank you, I'm amazed you use so much time answering questions in this forum(:

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Re: Two suggestions

If you mean you want to calculate the numeric integral, then you can use Calc|Area in the menu.

For the second thing you can use Calc|Table to calculate all values in a specified range. If you want you can copy the result into a point series.

Re: Two suggestions

Actually I meant if grapher could calculate the Antiderivative of a function. But since I posted that question I've found a webpage ( ) that does this perfectly, and I certaintly see why it wouldn't be necessary, but still it would be a handy feature.

And to the second answer, that was just what i needed, so thanks(:

By the way I posted the Error Messages in the support section, and I just want to add that it seems like, the troubles I had is now fixed in the 4.4 Beta version.

Re: Two suggestions

Actually it is possibly to plot the antiderivative in Graph. Graph can just not do it symbolic. If you for example want to plot the integral of f(x)=x^2, you can plot the function f(x)=integrate(x^2,0,x).

I am glad to hear that the other problem was fixed in the beta version. I really need to get Graph 4.4 finished soon.

Re: Two suggestions

Okay I see. I had not considered that, next time I'm looking for a feature I've not yet been able to find I'll try the list of functions:) I really don't know how I've been able to overlook that one. And I sure hope you do finish it soon, right now I do fine with the old one, but I've already began doing some graphs with 4.4, because of the improvements. Nice work I must say!