Topic: Cobweb plots or Directed graphs?

Great program, Ivan. Keep it up.

Can Graph do cobweb plots?

Any possibility of implementing directed graphs in the future? … cted_graph

Re: Cobweb plots or Directed graphs?

I have attached a file that shows a way to create cobweb plots.
The trick here is to use a parametric function with Draw type set to Lines. When the argument range is from 0 to 19 with 20 steps, t will only have integer values. The cobweb function is used to call f(x) a number of times.

I don't think there is an easy way to plot a directed graph. Graph theory is not the target of Graph, so I think there must be better tools for this.

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Re: Cobweb plots or Directed graphs?

I figured directed graphing was beyond the scope of Graph. The cobweb plotting is incredible! Who new Graph could do this? Animating on the constant x0 is breathtaking. Thanks!!!