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I would like the capability of editing JPGs that already ext, having been created by Graph 4.3 or any other program ... or a digital image taken by a digital camera.

I know that the native format for Graph 4.3 is *.GRF so, I guess what I'm really asking for is a CONVERSION UTILITY to change a JPG (or GIF or PNG or whatever image filetype on might be dealing with at the tim) into a GFR file.

This may be a completely "unreasonable" request because I have no idea what would be involved in that process.  Maybe it would take an inordinate amount of time.  Maybe it would just not even be possible.

I was just using Graph 3.3 today & thought of this as a capability I would like to have.

I'm a math teacher & I'm teaching an online math class in which students submit (at least portions of) their assignments by writing with pen on paper and then scanning their assignments in and saving them in some image file format.  There are obviously different ways I can grade submitted assignments but, a GREAT way would be to convert student image files to GRF format, them pu;; them into Graph 4.3, and insert comments & whatever else I needed to from write inside Graph 4.3.

Just a suggestion.  Thanx in advance

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Re: Editing JPGs

I am afraid it is an unreasonable request, unless you can give me an algorithm for converting images into functions. Instead I suggest you ask your students to send you grf files.

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Re: Editing JPGs

Actually, that's a very good suggestion because, I have introduced several of my students to Graph 4.3 and they are and/or will be using it to do at least some of their homework assignment problems.  I can just have them sent me a copy of their GRF instead of  a JPG file.  That works for me.

Thanx Ivan, ... pretty good suggestion.

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