Topic: Animation

I was wondering if it is possible to add on some small slides for my constants in f.ex. the top right corner under the legend box, so that I would have one slide for each selfdefined constant:

x0      slide <1-5>
x1      slide <1-2>
x2      slide <2-4>
x3      slide <3-7>

this way I wouldn't have to go to the functions/constans list all the time. Then of course I would have to be able to choose somewhere, x2 <startvalue-endvalue> and then the slide would appear. I would so like to see this in the final 4.4 because I use this program all the time to visualize virtually any mathrelated topic I come across and often I have to see, what happens if I increase some constants value. Is this doable?

Re: Animation

It is an interesting idea. I will consider implementing something like this, though it will not be in Graph 4.4, which is already heavily overdue. Currently my best suggestion is to use the Custom functions/constants dialog to change the constants and press  Apply to see what happens.