Topic: Adding Comments to Graph Functions

It would be nice to be able to add comments to custom functions (a third column) and in each graph function definition, in addition to the legend description, primarily for documentation purposes. For the latter, I suggest adding an option checkbox "show function comments" so that the comment would display like a tooltip when the mouse pointer is over the function. Additionally, the function definition right click menu could include "Insert comment" that would open the insert label box and put the comment text in there.

Re: Adding Comments to Graph Functions

In the beta version of Graph 4.4 you can write a comment for a custom function or constant after a #. I will consider your suggestion for added comments to functions, but don't expect anything.

Re: Adding Comments to Graph Functions

I was just going to post a new item but ran across this and it sounds like my idea is an extension of this one...

You added the concept of "#" to demarcate separate curves in a CSV file of discrete points which is great so one CSV file can generate a family of curves easily. However, it'd be *really* nice to be able to label the various curves somehow without manually going into each one and editing. How about taking whatever text is after the "#" separating the curves, and making that the label of the curve. And it'd be nice to have the label actually on the curve instead of just in the legend. Right now you have only the "show coordinates" available. It'd be nice to have arbitrary text be able to put next to the curve.

So if my CSV file contained:
#A label
#It's another label
5,  6
9, 14
13  , 17

I'd get two curves and each would be labeled with the text after the previous "#"

Re: Adding Comments to Graph Functions

It sounds like a good idea. Unfortunately it is not as easy as one might think, but I am trying to implement it.

You can use a text label to place the name of the point series where you want it.