91 Closed: pzthon 3.2 incompatibility

by MRA

93 Closed: Brazilian Portuguese translation

by Aldemar

94 Closed: Swedish translation

by mbipsen

95 Closed: Saving more settings

by pimvdb

96 Closed: Set 1:1-zoom as standard

by Krodo

98 Closed: More Calculate windows?

by pin

99 Closed: keyboard shortcuts

by kamashtakeen

101 Closed: Optional "Recent files" number

by pin

102 Closed: excel compatible in 4.4

by superzip

103 Closed: group feature

by superzip

104 Closed: Graph 4.4 problem

by basket687

105 Closed: measuring tools !

by omeid

106 Closed: 3 extensions of functionality

by victor

108 Closed: Create a new window

by acichy

110 Closed: Editing JPGs


111 Closed: My suggestions/wonderings

by teevee

112 Closed: Time axis

by fazekaszs

113 Closed: Animation

by joe

114 Closed: Graph to mac

by Gyntzel

115 Closed: I need something specific.

by BlakeHawkey

116 Closed: Two suggestions

by joe

117 Closed: Legend Box and labels

by JDD

119 Closed: chemical reaction visualization

by AnandChennai

120 Closed: Orglab8

by Dilek