Topic: Brazilian Portuguese translation


I noticed that the Brazilian Portuguese translation remains incomplete: the
Help file has not been translated yet.
So, I ask you: are you still in contact with the original translator group
(Jorge, Mara, Deivid and Fernanda)? Do you know if they plan to translate this
file soon or, on the contrary, they are involved with other projects with no
time do that?

By the way: I recently revised the texts on "Function menu" and "Tips", and
found many portuguese errors, that I would like the original translators group to check. May I send
this material to you or, do you prefer that I get in contact directly with
them? In this case, what are their emails?


Aldemar Calazans Filho
Physics Student

Re: Brazilian Portuguese translation


We are still in contact with the Brazilian translator group, and they are currently working on the translation.
I will let them know that you are interested in helping out and have them contact you.

Thank you!