Topic: Saving more settings

I was wondering whether it would be reasonable and possible to save recently entered values.

For example, in the Table dialog, the default values are always -10 to 10 with steps of 0.1. However, I would greatly appreciate it if it always says e.g. 0 to 10 in steps of 1 if I entered that before. It is a little time consuming to have to enter custom values each time I open the dialog.

As for the Animation dialog, the values are kept in memory but only for the time Graph runs. Could it possibly be made persistent so that it fills in the previously entered values when running Graph the second time as well?

Thanks for consideration.

Re: Saving more settings

It sounds like a good idea. The beta version of Graph 4.4 will now remember the values entered in the Table dialog.

The values in the Animate dialog are already stored in the grf file.

Re: Saving more settings

Thanks, what a great service!