Topic: Optional "Recent files" number

Number of recent files is user selectable between 0 to 9. On my PC, if set between 0 to 4, that number stays effective after the program restart. But, if set 5 to 9, the effective number after restart is 4. Strange.

Re: Optional "Recent files" number

Thanks for reporting this problem. I have now fixed it in the latest beta version.

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Re: Optional "Recent files" number

Recent files number works fine, thanks. But now, Evaluate.... or Calculate... dialogs are loosing their "always on the top" property and may disappear after a click into the main window. A dialog appears again if respective button is just pointed to with cursor.

I'd better be more careful. Above observation resulted from installation of the new version over the previous one. Later on, I removed the software and re-installed it again from the very beginning and all troubles disappeared. Please disregard above complaint. wink

Re: Optional "Recent files" number

It should not make any difference whether you installed Graph over a previous version or not. I would like to hear if you see that problem again.