Topic: Petty suggestions to mouse functions

a) It often happens to me that I unwillingly change the graph plane zoom with a scroll wheel. Yes, it's my fault, but I cannot get rid of the bad habit. So, I would appreciate a new check-box "Disable zooming with scroll wheel" in Options dialogue.

b) A mouse right click in the graph plane has no effect if there is no item targeted for a context menu. In this case, moving the coordinate system with right button drag-and-drop would allow to skip the Ctrl-M hit or a dedicated button click.

These "improvements" are really not much important, the Graph is great enough as it is!

Re: Petty suggestions to mouse functions

I have never really thought zoom with the mouse wheel could be a problem, but I can understand why it can be annoying. I will consider adding an option to disable it. For now you can use Ctrl+Z to undo after you have zoomed by mistake.

I don't think the right mouse button is a good choice for dragging. Instead you can hold down Shift and use the left mouse button to draw the coordinate system.