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Topic: Graphing Inequalties


May you add a function for graphing inequalities, and an option for no markers. Thanks!

Pseudocode for the graphing inequalities:

left direction
infinte or finite // this option will determine if the marker is a arrow or circle and if the equation display is a paren or bracket.
  if finite
   enter value
   draw line according to the graph size
  set the color
right direction
infinte or finite
  enter value
  draw line according to the graph size
set the color
// place no limit on the amount of graphed inequalities a graph can have in order for complex use of graphed inequalities.
// in the equation display window use interval notation.

For the option to have no markers:

// have the function for drawing the markers to be skipped; overloading the function would be the easiet.


Re: Graphing Inequalties

You can already plot equations and inequalities using the Insert relation dialog.

I do not understand which markers you do not want. Graph should not show any markers unless you explicitly tell it to.

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Re: Graphing Inequalties

Sorry about the confusion.


For example, if I was trying to graph [7,infinity):

*** Pseudo-code ****

left direction = [7 // (<left>,<right>)
  infinite or finite = finite; value = 7 // plot at (7, 1)
   include or exclude: [ = include // closed circle

right direction = infinity)
  infinite or finite = infinite // plot at (maximum x-value, 1)
   include or exclude = neither // right arrow

set the color = black

*** Results ***
See attachment: Result.jpg

*** Comments ***
If the user was to graph another inequality then the y-coordinate would be 1 and so on. Therefore the y-coordinate represents the number of graphed inequalities. There were changes to the pseudo-code. Also in the equation display would be [7, infinity symbol).


Function > Insert Point Series > Marker. I want to be able to select an option to have no makers.

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Re: Graphing Inequalties

Now I understand what it is you want. To plot a line with an arrow, you can add a function f(x)=1 starting at x=7 with end points set to a circle and an arrow. I have attached a grf file that shows this.

If you do not want markers shown for point series, you can set the marker size to 0.

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Re: Graphing Inequalties

Wow! Thanks a lot. This is what i'm looking for!