511 Closed: Cubic root, Quadratic root

by kasperploug

512 Closed: Abnormal program termination

by pimvdb

513 Closed: R squared value

by joemath

514 Closed: Copying Image (Graph)

by joemath

516 Closed: Range of a function

by Piedras

517 Closed: command line

by allynm

518 Closed: Fitting normal distribution

by Jonathan

519 Closed: Graph4 version 1.01.0

by finknes

520 Closed: Constraints

by Zak

521 Closed: Inverse functions

by maylen

522 Closed: Changing language

by Mikael Juul

523 Closed: Axis values

by Thomas

525 Closed: "Add shading"

by teacher

526 Closed: number of decimals

by janrs

528 Closed: Constraints on Functions

by Teito

530 Closed: Axes label background

by rladage

531 Closed: suddenly executions problems

by jdelgadot

532 Closed: Beta revision info

by zubaroo

533 Closed: Print with shading

by adamglesser

534 Closed: Translation

by ferry2

535 Closed: linear trend line

by jbenson

536 Closed: Tiny Bug in Program

by lazyeightbooks

537 Closed: areas

by leoman20

538 Closed: help again xD

by JonathanCross

539 Closed: MORE HELP :) !!

by JonathanCross

540 Closed: please help !!

by JonathanCross