Topic: Inverse functions

Is there a feature which allows graphing of inverse functions? In particular I am currently interested in inverses of trigonometric functions.  I tried putting in the following equation:
f(x) = arcsin(x)  but it does not recognize arcsin.

There are certainly java applets which allow you to automatically graph an inverse by graphing in the original function and then checking a box that says: f^(-1), which is inverse notation.

Here's a link to one such java applet: … ols01.html

I much prefer the look of your graphing program so I was hoping it could graph inverses as well.

Can someone let me know if the feature exists, and if so, how to use it?

Thank you!

Re: Inverse functions

You can plot the inverse sine as f(x)=asin(x)
If you for example want to plot the inverse function of f(x)=sin(x)*x^2, you can plot it as the parametric function x(t)=sin(t)*t^2, y(t)=t