2 Solid Gridlines Setting

by marcorainaldi

8 axes numbering

by fenwick_chris

9 multiple axis

by renzo.mattera

11 garph axis

by meir.mays

12 Large equations

by TheAncientOne

14 Graph for iPad Pro

by shochile7296

15 re my previous post

by fenwick_chris

16 plugins not accessible

by fenwick_chris

18 Graph in Word

by nancymarcus

20 Plugin for Python

by gordc

21 symmetrical circle

by devorahcr

23 installation issues on numpy

by anandstudy1973

25 Plugin not updated

by anandstudy1973

27 Add Shade to a function

by anandstudy1973

28 x axis rescaling

by mattera

29 Solid of Revolution

by evasara