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Hi, I want to translate Graph in Bulgarian. So what are the files that I need and the required instructions?

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Thanks a lot for the offer.

First you need to download Graph.pot and rename it Bulgarian.po. Then you can translate it using Poedit.

When you save the file, a file is created. If you place that in the Locale folder where Graph is installed, you will be able to select Bulgarian as Language in the Edit|Options dialog in Graph to test the translation.

You can send the file to me when you have finished the translation. But I better warn you that there are a lot of text to translate.

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Hi I have been looking for a open source program like this!! thanks for that and as a retribution I want to try to translate to spanish the help in the program, could yo tell me how can i do that.

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There is already a Spanish translation to Graph, but thanks for your offer!