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Topic: Constraints

How do I create a graph that would color the area that satisfies these constraints:
3A – 2B >= 0
2A – 1B <= 200
    1A <= 150
    A, B >= 0

an example of what i'm going for looks along the lines of this (yes i know it's not the same constraints):


Re: Constraints

Select Function|Insert relation in the menu and enter your inequality in the Relation field as

3x-2y>=0 and 2x-1y<=200 and 1x<=150 and y>=0

Re: Constraints

Yes but then the area that satisfies each individual relation will be shaded. Is there a way to shade ONLY the area that is satisfied by ALL of the constraints?


Re: Constraints

I am not sure I understand you correctly. The relation should satisfy all the constraints.