Topic: suddenly executions problems

When i try to execute graph i find an error message (see attachment file).

Imposible execute the file
C:\Program Files\Graph\Graph.exe
CreateProcess failed; code 5.
Access denied.

My SO is a Vista and i use the version 4.3 of Graoh.

It's bizarre because i had used graph before without any problem.
I have tried:
- Reinstall
- Execute as admin.

Any idea to solve the problem?

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Re: suddenly executions problems

I have never heard about this problem before. However it seems to be a problem with access rights. But you should always have access rights when running as Administrator. My best guess is that a firewall or similar program is blocking the access to Graph. You way want to check your firewall if you have one.

Another thing you can try is to uninstall Graph before reinstalling it again. This will make sure everything is cleaned up first and all files and directories are created with the correct access rights.