Topic: Generating a .grf (for testing trends)


Right now, I am in the middle of a mathematical investigation of the properties of systems of linear equations. (Yes, that is high school.) I would like to use Graph to highlight any graphical patterns of certain families of linear functions; however, I am way too lazy to input each and every new function with a new gradient manually.

Since I am able to generate the function formulae mechanically, I naturally stumbled upon the option to generate a .grf file and then just let Graph display it. Granted, I can do that now; however, for purposes of presentation, it would be nice to be able to differentiate between different functions at first sight.

Despite looking through the documentation and this forum fairly thoroughly, I am unable to find properties and their assorted values in .grf files. The questions I am asking is therefore this:

1) What values are allowed for properties Style, Color in the areas assigned for definitions of functions?
2) Are there any other properties influencing the visuals of a function?

Thanks in advance for considering me smile


Re: Generating a .grf (for testing trends)

First I will point out that trying to create grf files yourself is rarely a good idea. The format is not documented and might change in the future.

But to answer your questions:
1) Style can have the following values: 0=Solid, 1=Dash, 2=Dot, 3=DashDot, 4=DashDotDot.
Color can have any 24 bit RGB value on the format 0x00BBGGRR. For example 0x006600FF means Red=FF, Green=00 and Blue=66

2) Things like Width and Draw type will also affect the way the function is plotted.