31 publish on github?

by nap

33 Import needs fix

by Arghhhhhhhhh

35 Axis scale

by steel_mfg

36 Folders for sets of graphs

by q2apro.com

38 Where do i find "da sauce cod"?


39 Printer line widths

by isoparix

40 Display all/none

by GraphUser3546

41 Pen Stroke

by claiborne

43 How to make graphs smoother?

by q2apro.com

45 Suggestion: Sliders

by w.regelmann

48 Screen problem

by fossetudot-7742

49 Suggestion

by braunmultimedia

52 Feature Suggestions

by thething

53 Curve Anti-Aliasing

by thething

54 axis numbering

by jjgltzr

55 3D option

by jjgltzr

57 Small bugs

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58 Suggestions

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59 Vectors and Calculus

by wec7ong