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Topic: Import needs fix


There is something strange about the Import -> Point series functionality.

While the Import function does support standard ASCII format, it requires that the letter 'E' in the numbers such as 3.821E-07 to be uppercase and uppercase ONLY. In this example, 3.821e-08 is erroneously read as 3.6186.

This is extremely confusing and limits the use of the Import function (and arguably the use of Graph overall) because the standard output in C, Matlab, and probably many other languages uses lowercase 'e' in their scientific notation instead of uppercase.
So if one is using an external software that is not Excel, for any of the output to work, one likely has to either work with the long form, but suffer from low direct readability, or to process the outputs by changing all lowercase 'e' to uppercase, which is very cumbersome and may be complicated pending on content of the possible heading.

It would be very nice if lowercase 'e' can be read properly as well! Thank you!

Re: Import needs fix

This is not limited to import but is generic in Graph. Uppercase E is used for scientific notation while lower case e means Euler's constant. So 3.821e-07 = 3.821*e-7 = 3.821*2.7183-7 = 3.3866.