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Topic: Feature suggestion: Style editor


I would like to suggest a new feature.

It would be very nice to be able to edit the styles of multiple point series all at once.
If hierarchy happens (suggested in an earlier post, cannot link posts?), then it's best to be able to select by either ctrl/shift key AND by group.

It would be even nicer to have an editor that can not only select a style for multiple point series, but is also able to automatically assume different colors to them. It would be most convenient if a few of the most recent color schemes are stored so that the next time, the name number of point series can be applied with the same color scheme. This is particularly helpful when one imports a set of data in groups. Each group can have the same color. Similarly, being able to have a varying pattern for marker type is also tremendously helpful.

I understand that some automatic style setting is possible when importing from one file with multiple Y columns. But what can be done is limited.

Thank you!