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Topic: Feature suggestion: Select subset of a data series


I would like to suggest the following feature in the future installment of the already awesome Graph software.

It would be incredibly helpful if the interface allows convenient selection of subsets of a given data series, optionally displaying statistical parameters such as averages, min, max and allow trend line fitting on that subset of the data.

Similarly, it would be very helpful if users are able to exclude subsets of a data series from trendline fitting.

I understand that any of the above can be done manually by copying those data points and paste into a new data series. The data "cropping" can also be done on other interface, such as a simple spreadsheet. But often, at least speaking for myself, I run into situations where I only know where to crop by visually inspecting the data. Being able to select data points directly on the plot would make many of my data analysis tasks much faster.

If if helps, I would totally be willing to help out with the coding part. I may not be a good programmer. But I am a keener. And I appreciate how Graph has made my life simpler.

Re: Feature suggestion: Select subset of a data series

Thank you for the suggestion. I will consider adding something to handle subsets, but don't expect anything in the nearest future.

Here is a fun thing. If you install Python 3.2 you will get access to the plugin interface. There is actually a plugin installed with Graph that will show some statistics information for a point series. You can also create your own plugins.

Re: Feature suggestion: Select subset of a data series

I'll gladly give it a try!