Topic: Adding a lable for each point/3D Graph


I have 2 suggestions:
1- In the current Graph, we have "Series" which has 2 columns for X and Y. I think in some cases it will be useful if we have an additional optional column to put a label for each point. Such as below:

200.....70........1st Station
300.....80........2nd Station
400.....80........End Point

and also this label could be shown by selecting the related checkbox on the "Edit Point Series"

So by this option, the label will be shown below each point and then by zoom in/out, the connected label to the point will not be disordered.

2. I have searched for a 3D graph several times, but it is not easy and practical such as your software. I will appreciate if you develop a 3D graph the same as this one to handle 3D issues.

Many Thanks

Re: Adding a lable for each point/3D Graph

1) I will give it some consideration, but you can basically do the same already with text labels.

2) I will be honest and admit that 3D graphs have been on my todo list for about 15 years and I don't think I will ever get enough time to get it implemented.

Re: Adding a lable for each point/3D Graph

Thanks for your consideration.
I posted several times that the Graph is very simple, powerful and the most applicable software that I've ever seen. You have a beautiful mind behind the development of it userfriendly to cover most of the mathematical requirements. Thank you so much.