Topic: Interface improvements

First of all thank you for the great work you are doing and congratulate you on the versatility of Graph.
This is an automatically translated text from Spanish, so it may present errors.

My suggestions are as follows:
1-Sometimes the use of zoom would only require zooming in or zooming out on an axis, for example the X. For this I thought that it could be implemented by pressing the Ctrl + mouse wheel for the X axis, or Alt + mouse wheel for the Y axis. This would be very useful since I have been presented with situations in which this feature would be very useful.

2- From the Customize Functions / Constants dialog it would be practical to access the main window without having to close it. That would speed up the work with the graphics, since now you have to close the dialog, for example to handle the zoom or to select or deselect a function.

3- This is similar to the previous one. From the Edit Function dialog it would be useful to have the Apply button, as in the Customize Functions / Constants dialog, while having access to the main window.

Thanks for the work and interest in improving Graph. A greeting. Felix.

Re: Interface improvements

It is actually very good for an automatic translation.

1. I will add it to my todo list. However You can already use Ctrl+Home and Ctrl+End to zoom in/out on the x-axis, and Ctrl+PgUp and Ctrl+PgDn to zoom in/out on the y-axis. If you right click on the toolbar, you can customize the toolbar and add some zoom buttons.

2. I have something like that on my todo list, but I am having difficulties finding the time to implement it.

3. I will add it to my todo list, but I don't know when I will get it implemented.