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I have faced some requirements during using Graph in my work and I would like to share with you as suggestions:
1. Scale adjustment:
    When we use zoom options, there is no information about the zoom level. For some propose (for example taking a snapshot in a defined level of zoom) it is essential to adjust the zoom level at an exact level. So it is better to show the scale ration in the status bar and also an option to zoom in/out to the desired scale ratio.

2. Floating Axis:
    During exploring the data points on the graph, the fixed axis will be not shown on the screen. It is better to have an option to select the floating axis which by moving over the graph, the axis will always remain on the left side of the screen.

3. Improvement in Export/PDF:
    Is it possible to give the user the opportunity to adjust the zoom/resolution level of PDF/Image which will be exported? Inside the graph the resolution is perfect and we can zoom in each point, but after making PDF or exporting an image, for a large graph (for example pipeline profile) the details are not clear the same as the original graph.

Thank you so much

Re: Suggestions

1. I don't think it makes sense to talk about zoom level. There is no 100% zoom. Zoom is just another way to change the axes settings.

2. I think you are talking about what I call boxed axes. In the Edit|Axes dialog under the Settings tab you can set Axes style to Boxed. As a shortcut, you can change the checkmark in the box left of the Axes label in the function list.

3. In the Save as image dialog, there is an Options button, which will show a dialog where you can specify the resolution in pixels.

Re: Suggestions


Thank you so much. The 2nd and 3rdsolutions saved me and now I don't need additional options such as zoom level. Thanks again for the powerful tools which are designed by a beautiful mind programmer such as you.