91 exponentiation

by matemprepa

93 Polar Equations

by jsnc

94 acot arccot

by jsnc

96 Negative Roots

by jsnc

100 Multiple windows?

by JimHorn

102 Exporting data

by JimHorn

104 Shade interior of point series

by marcorainaldi

106 animation

by mmtckkn78

107 shading in animation

by russell.ellwood

109 Import-Point Series

by Plotter

111 Plotting does not show all points

by camilleri.jon

114 log base in graphs

by bbiggdawg2000

115 tangents to graph

by 1peterclarke

116 Displaying numbers as fractions?

by russell.ellwood

117 Emphasising dates

by tobytwirl

118 Double integration and commas

by GraphUser3546

119 "Integrate" Function

by russell.ellwood

120 Minor bug?

by James