91 Insert Function

by wayland.chan

92 Point Series Bug

by mgarvie

93 Line width of axes

by mgarvie

95 Grapher Code

by snowflake

98 Graphing Variables

by myronb

100 diff of a relation

by jaap

102 working in graph 4.4.2

by CGPeters61

104 Area under a curve

by petecz

105 darker grid

by bartonl

108 Sigmoid function

by palmira2509

111 GeoGebra Conflict ?

by Davidjoergensen

112 Plugin for File-Import

by dtatarkin

113 Please help!

by eukledes

115 Unattended install

by bradforr

116 comment

by TAB

117 Elliptic curve

by zubaroo

119 fractional power

by ali_fz

120 Found some bugs

by James