91 Double integration and commas

by GraphUser3546

92 "Integrate" Function

by russell.ellwood

93 Minor bug?

by James

97 Graph.exe - Application Error

by newtoniantiger

100 4.4.2 Bug Not Fixed

by k6sti

101 Projection of a point on x axis

by super.rafcio

102 Insert Function

by wayland.chan

103 Point Series Bug

by mgarvie

104 Line width of axes

by mgarvie

106 Grapher Code

by snowflake

109 Graphing Variables

by myronb

111 diff of a relation

by jaap

113 working in graph 4.4.2

by CGPeters61

115 Area under a curve

by petecz

116 darker grid

by bartonl

119 Sigmoid function

by palmira2509