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Topic: Problems PDF printing from Word 2013+ or printing to OneNote

Hey all! I've gotten used to using Graph (great little app), but have come up against a critical problem which for some reason only happens when printing electronically. The problem is that the pictures pasted using the Crtl-I function from Graph are cut off when printing from files that are in compatibility mode (Word 97-03). Note that EXPORTING to pdf works. The main issue is that I need to print to OneNote (which uses a print driver).

Why use compatibility mode? Because the current .docx format breaks my equations from Mathtype due to an alignment bug that microsoft doesn't care about.

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Re: Problems PDF printing from Word 2013+ or printing to OneNote

If I understand you correctly, you a printing the attached doc file from MS Word. What you have in the file is just a picture, and the picture seems to be pasted correctly. So it is a problem with Word, which I unfortunately cannot help with. It does look strange though.

One suggestion however is to use Paste special in Word after copying from Graph. This will allow you to choose between different formats. You may be able to find a format that doesn't have the problem.