Topic: Graph.exe - Application Error

While trying to install the graphing program version 4.4.2, I received the following application error:

The application was unable to start correctly (0x0000005). Click ok to close the application.

Hope someone can help.

Thank you.


Re: Graph.exe - Application Error

I have never heard about this problem before. I don't know what to suggest, except to check if Graph was actually installed anyway and try to to start it.

Re: Graph.exe - Application Error

It appears that the software is installed, however when I click on the icon that's when I receive the error message.

Re: Graph.exe - Application Error

I installed the graphing program on my flash drive a couple years ago and it runs. However if copy those files onto my computer and run the graphing program directly from the computer I received the error message. So for now, I will just run it from my flash drive until I can figure out how to run the program directly from my computer.

Re: Graph.exe - Application Error

I am glad you can make it work from the flash drive. I have no explanation why it works from the flash drive and not when it is copied to the harddrive. It should not matter.