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Topic: arcussin(x) ?

Does graph have functions arcus? arccos, arcsin etc. ?
What command should I use ?
Maybe someone has a list of commands for this programm wink?
Thx in advance

Re: arcussin(x) ?

You can use asin, acos and atan.

There is a list of all supported functions in the help.

Re: arcussin(x) ?

thx very much !! wink it works tongue
btw I have Vista and unfortunately "help" of this programm doesnt work sad

Re: arcussin(x) ?

You can get WinHlp32 from Microsoft to make the help file work under Windows Vista. Graph 4.4 will have a newer help file that works directly wih Vista. You can find the most recent help file online at http://www.padowan.dk/graph/Documentation.php
The list of functions is at http://www.padowan.dk/doc/english/ListOfFunctions.html