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he bajado el programa GRÁFICO para Ayudar a mis hijos, necesito saber donde me pueden enviar para Aprender a Utilizar este mismo, lo he intentado con MICROSOFT Office Word 2003 pero no he sido lo Suficiente, quiero enseñarles un graficar funciones de escuela etc. AGRADECERIA SU comprencion. gracias

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I think it would help if you would write in English. Here is what Google Translate got from the above:

harry wrote:

I downloaded the program charts to help my children, I need to know where I can post to learn to use the same, I've tried with MICROSOFT Office Word 2003 but have not been enough, I teach a school functions etc. plot. AGRADECERIA your understanding. thanks

I am a little unsure what you are asking.  If you want help getting started using Graph, I suggest you just start the program and try using it. The examples installed with Graph should give you some tips about what can be done and how.

The help file installed with Graph will also provide a lot of information. The Beta version of Graph 4.4 has a help file in Spanish.

If you have any specific questions you can always ask here.