Topic: use of min function in animation

Suppose my parameter is a, initally defined =0
in animation, suppose I want to show the changing values of min (a,2a-3)
In label I type b=min(%(a),%(2a-3).
It will not display the changing value of b in animation.
I assume, b=min(%(a),%(2a-3) is not typed in the right format.

By the way, your program is wonderful. In my class I showed an animation of changing value of delta with changing value of epsilon in limit of a function.

i have two values of deltas, I want to show the min of these two in my animation.

Re: use of min function in animation

If I understand you correctly, you want to show something like b=5. Every time you use the %() syntax you get one value. So to get something like b=5 you need to write it as b=%(min(a, 2a-3)).