Topic: Radian vs 360-degrees

I have set the trigonometry to use degrees instead of radian.

When I make user defined functions and constants like the following
K = 16               
V1 = cos (K)
F1(t) = cos (t)
F2(t) = cos (t)*cos(K)
F3(t) = cos (t+K)

Then V1 is calculated as radian - disregarding the trigonometyr setting!
The F1 works with degrees - as expected.
For sure the F3 also works with degrees.
But what about F2?
Why can not all cos/sin/tan be in degrees?

Re: Radian vs 360-degrees

You are right that there is a bug here in Graph 4.3. Fortunately it has already been fixed in the beta version of Graph 4.4, which you can find at