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Topic: Graph will not run on macOS mojave


After using graph on mac for a couple of years, I got a new macbook that automatically ran on Catalina. but I managed to change it back into Mojave.
(Main reason I did this, was to be able to have Graph again)
But now that I have Mojave, Graph will not open.
I override the security settings, but when I open it up after that, it pops up on the bottom of my screen, for like 2 seconds and then it goes away again.
Do you know what might be the problem, and how to solve it?


Re: Graph will not run on macOS mojave

I am running Mojave myself and it works for me. As Graph is not native to Mac, it is a little difficult to say what it could be. You can try to redownload the file as you might have an older version:
https://www.padowan.dk/bin/GraphBeta-4. … -2.app.zip

I actually made a newer version when I was preparing to get Graph 4.5 release. You can try and see if it works better:

I am currently trying to port Graph to 64-bit so it will work with Catalina. I hope to have something working soon, but it has already taken much longer than I anticipated.

Re: Graph will not run on macOS mojave

Thank you!
You’re doing great - hope you get it working soon!

I’ll try both - just to make sure! Thanks!


Re: Graph will not run on macOS mojave

Hi Ivan!

I tried both of the links you posted, but none of them seem to work.
The 'old' one does the same as what it did before. And the 'newer' version stays open, but has no taps open (it just says it's open) and when i shut it down, it won't - only if I force it to quit (option, command, esc).

Is there anything more you would recommend I try?

Thank you so much for your help!

Re: Graph will not run on macOS mojave

Unfortunately I don't know what to suggest. I hope it will work when I get the 64-bit version running.