Topic: LaTex/Tiny MCE for Labels

Is it possible for Graph to have something like the WIRIS plugin for TinyMCE ( for creating mathematical expressions within labels without having to link to an external program like MathType?

I think it would be a really awesome feature if Graph could have labels with LaTex, and even better if it was a WSIWYG editor.

Geogebra has some functionality like that (, and I was wondering if Graph could do the same in the future.

Again, Graph is a really awesome program. I don't know how I would create editable graphs in MS Word documents for my math classes without it. Keep up the good work!

Re: LaTex/Tiny MCE for Labels

Unfortunately it is not currently possible create a plugin for entering equations in labels. I was planning to implement an editor for writing equations directly into Graph, but I never found the time. The best you can do is to use something like MathType, which can be embedded into labels, and I actually think that works rather well.

Re: LaTex/Tiny MCE for Labels

Agreed! I use MathType frequently to have mathematical typesetting in my labels. I'm so glad you made that functionality in Graph!!

My handouts for my students would not be nearly as nice without Graph and all it is capable of doing.

Re: LaTex/Tiny MCE for Labels

I use MathType too. It's very convenient application