Topic: Graph is not opening


I have a macbook with Catalina installed.
Whenever i try to open Graph, it will just showup in the buttom.
Then it closes it.

I have tried on a macbook with Mojave installed.
That is working correctly.

Any known issue with Catalina and Graph?

Re: Graph is not opening

Unfortunately Catalina doesn't support 32-bit programs and Graph is 32 bit only. As soon as I find the time, I will try to port Graph to 64 bit. However as Graph is a native Windows program I also need to bundle it with the 64 bit version of Wine to get it running on Mac, and it doesn't seem to be as stable as the 32 bit version.

Re: Graph is not opening

Thank you for the reply Ivan.

I had the idea that it was a 32-bit program, cause some other programs i am using is also 32-bit, which we are working on as well.

Is there any place i can follow so i can see when the new version is available?

Re: Graph is not opening

It will be announced here on the forum and of course be available on the main web site when it is released. But I will update the beta version on as soon as I have something working.