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I have downloaded a number of Graph plugins from other users, but none of them are showing in Graph. Also, those that are activate by "ctrl+" keys don't work. Does anyone have any ideas as to what might be going on and how to fix this so that I can get the plugins to work?


Re: plugins not accessible

Graph 4.4.2 requires Python 3.2 32 bit to be installed for plugins to work. You can find it here: … -3.2.5.msi

The latest beta version of Graph 4.5 (build 574) uses Python 3.7, which is bundled with Graph, so you no longer need to install it manually.

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Re: plugins not accessible

I installed build 578, and now the slope field plugin that I wrote won't run. It's odd, because other plugins I've created to do run, just not this one. Any idea why?
The insert circle plugin that comes with Graph isn't working either. Is there something that is preventing dialog boxes from opening up?

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Re: plugins not accessible

Sorry about that. I have made some code cleanup. Maybe too much. I have tried to make the naming consistent and apparently forgot about compatibility with existing plugins. panel in Gui.SimpleDialog has been renamed to Panel with a capital P. It should work if you replace self.panel with self.Panel in your code.