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Dear Ivan,

Could you kindly send to me the formula to calculate the length of f(x)=m*(1+cos(x)) from -c to c

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Re: Length of curve

The general formula for the length of a function f(x) from x=a to x=b is integrate(sqrt(1+[f'(x)]^2),x,-c,c), where f'(x) is the derivative of f(x). See the attached file for an image in proper mathematical notation.

Re: Length of curve

Dear marcorainaldi

Thank you for your reply.

Please where i can see the attached file. i hope from you to send the final solved formula for my function. i know the general formula for the length but i can not solve my this new function f(x)=m*(1+cos(t*x)) from -c to c.

Please help me and i will be very thankful.

Best regards.

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I don't think that the integral will have a nice solution. Putting the integrand into WolframAlpha, there is not a nice antiderivative of the integrand: … (tx))%5E2)

This might be an integral that will need to be evaluated by numerical methods.

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Re: Length of curve

Thank you very much, this is what i need.