Topic: The use of if function

Dear Ivan,

I want to print f(x -3), f(x -2) etc on a label when a, a variable, is negative and f(x +3 ), f(x +2) when the same variable is positive to display the translation of f(x) --> f(x +a). I got it up and running with calculate mode, but getting f(x + -2) etc, which is not aesthetically right.

Is there any way of getting this right using if function?

Please drop a line.

Many thanks.

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Re: The use of if function

I assume you have something like f(x + %(a)) in the label. The trick is to remove the + in front of % so it becomes f(x+%(a)). Graph will remove the + if it is in front of a negative number. It doesn't do it in your case because there is a space.

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Re: The use of if function

Dear Ivan,

It did the trick, indeed. Thank you so much for the prompt reply - and solution.

It's really noble of you to creating this programme, giving it free of charge and of course, addressing the needs of the users in a short period of time.

I am grateful for this great work.

Warm regards,