Topic: Drawing a phasor using polar coordinates


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I want to draw vectors (phasors) for 3 phase power.  I know how to use the insert data points using polar coordinates feature to get the end points on the graph but is there an easy way to draw the vector from the origin to the end point. Do I need to do a slope intercept line formula for each vector and set limits equal to the end point?

Sample 30 @ 45 degrees

Also is it possible to add vectors using polar coordinates :  eg.  30@45 - 15@120 or do I need to break then into x and y components and sum them and derive the new polar values manually. 


Re: Drawing a phasor using polar coordinates

The easiest way to draw a vector is to use a point series with two points and an arrow as marker. But you will have to first find the coordinates.

Inside the Insert point series dialog, you can choose between carteasian and polar coordinates.

Re: Drawing a phasor using polar coordinates

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