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Hello everybody,
first of all, thanks that I have found such great app!
But, I have a problem:
I am trying to plot a simple linear function like f(x)=10-0.5x e.g. I know I could plot a line between two points to reach the goal, but this is not the proper way to do.
So I insert the function into the program and ... see nothing. If I enable the hatching under the function, I see the area under the function, but I can not see the function line.
I am sure it is just a failure by mine, but could not find it yet.
Someone any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Simple Linear Function

This sounds very strange. Is it only a problem with linear functions or do other kinds of functions have the same problem? What about the examples installed with Graph? Do they work?

Re: Simple Linear Function

Okay, I got it. Just as I supposed: My fault.
I entered "1" by Steps at the argument range. That could not work. But can you give me a quick explain about that function, please?

Re: Simple Linear Function

The Steps field is mostly intended for use with parametric and polar functions where Graph needs to know how many points to calculate. For standard functions it is an option and is usually best left blank, in which case Graph will use the width of the graphing area as the number of steps. If you set Steps to 1 you only get one point which isn't much of a graph.

When Draw type is Dots or Lines, Steps is taken as an exact value. When Draw type is Automatic, Steps is a minimum value and Graph might add more if it thinks it will improve the graph.

Re: Simple Linear Function

Thanks for that. Works fine now.